The 4 Pillars for Sniper Entries

This is the strategy I use to make trades in the forex market.

1. Look at forex pairs as a group since they tend to correlate. (eg. GBPUSD = GBPJPY = GBPCHF)

2. Look at 1w charts (5-10 yrs) for container lvls (supply and demand areas) and to help determine directional bias of the market.

3. Look for signs of price exhaustion in the 5min/15min/1hr/4hr charts by studying candlestick patterns (rejections, retests) around s&r or trend line then check for take profit potential before placing a buy or sell. Use 2-20% risk for each trade.

4. On retracements, select the largest deficit pair(s) & study price reactions @ s&r, moving averages, and trend line to confirm whether or not to exit trade. You should also use rsi (1hr) to determine if it is approaching overbought/oversold levels.

5. If price breaks trend line and/or stop loss level, consider exiting trade. If scalping, watch for sudden price reaction @ potential resistance area before exiting trade. If swing trading, set a stop loss level using the trend line and prior candle wick rejections as a guide to safely leave trade open overnight.

By Adam Hilton

Inspired to inspire

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